Pivotal Moment with Nikitta Foston

Top criminal defense attorney makes the case for law and order — and father’s rights

November 18, 2019

Her client was accused of murdering a 5-year-old kid. But that didn’t stop LaTonya Burton, criminal defense attorney, from stepping to her client’s side in the courtroom. “They will be looking at me -- not you,” she assured the troubled woman. “I will take the heat.”

“I am able to see past what the crime is, or alleged crime, to see the person,” Burton says. “Lawyers can be the most important part of getting your freedom and liberty back.” 

Burton, a partner with Bur-Men Law Group, was the first African-American public defender in Lake County, Illinois. Now in private practice alongside partner Renea Amen, the firm focuses on criminal law, civil law and family law, with a special emphasis on father’s rights.

Burton is bold, passionate and unapologetic about standing up and speaking out for her client’s rights. She talks to us about her Pivotal Moment, a letter she penned to God and the phone call that came immediately after.

Burton shares her insight about standing beside those who society leaves behind and the rewards of defending those who need it most.

Learn more about Bur-Men Law Group: https://www.burmenlawgroup.com/

Learn more about LaTonya Burton: https://www.burmenlawgroup.com/latonya-burton.html

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